The hamlet of Blakeney was once a thriving community with over a dozen mills and shops and many homes.

The first Scottish settlers arrived in 1821 as part of the government assisted emigration known as the Lanark Society Settlers. They recognized the importance of the array of rapids and waterfalls on the Mississippi River in Lots 25 & 26 of Concession 9, Ramsay Township as a source of water power so necessary to operate mills.

The Snedden family built a sawmill, gristmill, an inn and a timber slide, which allowed logs to bypass the dangerous rapids. A bridge built across the river allowed travelers to follow the Bytown Roadto the east. Over the next decades, a tannery, brewery, flour mill, cheese factory, woolen mill, blacksmith shop, cobbler’s shop, general store and post office, another hotel and a Presbyterian Church were built on the river and on the hill above the “Bay.”

Today the original beauty of the area is complimented with trails and small bridges contributed by volunteers of the Almonte Fish & Game Association. Visitors and locals enjoy swimming, fishing kayaking, walking and having picnics along the river while up on the hill residents appreciate the quiet atmosphere of the hamlet.


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