Robert Yule’s Tailor Shop

Robert Yule: The Tailor of Leckie's Corners .

Another thriving business in Leckie’s Corners was the tailor shop. Robert Yule was the tailor at Leckie’s Corners. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland 28 May 1808. In 1821 he came to Ramsay Township with his
parents James Yuill an Barbara Colton. They settled on the east half of Lot 11, Conc 6, Ramsay. He was one of 10 children.
Robert wen to the village of Lanark, where he served his tailor’s apprenticeship under Finlay McLaren.
There he met McLaren’s niece, Janet, who had also come to learn the trade, and they married.
In 1839 he purchased ¾ acre in the east half of Lot 16, Conc 7 Ramsay, where he built a house with a tailor shop on one end. The two separate entrances can still be seen.
Robert was an excellent tailor which can be seen by looking at the beautifully tailored clothing in the photograph of his family.