Rowboat Riverside B&B

Potter Chandler Swain and carpenter Michael Reynolds have lived in Blakeney since 2001. Over that time they have carefully restored and renovated a much loved house which was built by the Nichols, retiring owners of the Blakeney General Store in 1950.

Millie Nichols had a garden in those days that was well known for its splendor. Chandler has rejuvenated and extended the colourful flower garden keeping the glorious peonies, iris, lupins and other perennials from Millie’s original plantings.

Michael has carefully rebuilt the house to be full of character and coziness. Having worked on renovations in many historic buildings around Ottawa plus years as a theatre carpenter (including helping to create the interior of the Museum of Civilization), Michael has done the old Nichols house proud.

Chandler Swain and Michael Reynolds

Chandler’s pottery studio is on the property. Besides watching over the flower and kitchen garden you will often find her working on clay pieces for galleries and exhibitions – check Chandler’s website for more details.