The Free Church and Manse

Another of the community’s church built that was built in 1845/46 was known as the Free Church or Canada Presbyterian church. Land was purchased for a graveyard, church and a manse. The graveyard
proved to be too stony and many bodies were moved to the Auld Kirk cemetery. The Rev William Mackenzie, father of William Tate Mackenzie was an early minister for the free church.

The manse where he lived is now a private home. Twenty years later, the congregation moved to a new church in Almonte and the building was later purchased by the reformed Presbyterian church. Their minister
Reverend Robert Shields, lived in the Auld Kirk manse with his wife Elizabeth, the hat maker in Leckie’s Corners. The old church was subsequently sold and became a barn. The following picture shows it in
that capacity and the former manse can be seen beside. The church building was later destroyed by fire.